Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ok so it is the time of year where all the cops on the island are working on raising money for the Special Olympics. Tonight we held a Tip-A-Cop Fundraiser at MCB Camp Foster Macaroni Grill. Our job as it was explained was to bus tables for "tips"

I was thinking "WTF have I gotten myself into" We would be doing dirty work like that...GROSS!!! Well there is a silver lining behind every cloud...Mine came as a we need a greeter at the front to greet customers as they come in...CHA CHING!!! To the front I would go...Until...Wait we need someone with the KSO T-shirt...Damn fired before I started...GAY!!! Fool me twice...

Well then the real silver lining came and I was assigned to work behind the bar...No really I was just suppose to bus and reset the three tables in my section as needed and clean glasses for the bartender...Ok not so bad...But...It was waaaayyyy more then I expected.

We started getting busy and the bartender shows me how to work the little soda gun...So the next thing I know I am up to making drinks. I could only make non-alcoholic due to several laws, statues, liabilites, and just the idea that it would be bad for a sailor of all people to dispense alcohol LOL...But I could serve them as they were made along with virgin drinks I made.

As the hours passed we got even more busy, and I yelled to the bartender to throw me her tablet so I could start taking orders...Next thing I know, I am actually waiting the tables in my section and calling out drink and food orders to the bar like Gordon Ramsey (minus the theatrics) greeting people as they sit down (required for our tips for KSO) getting drink orders, making drinks, calling out orders, tracking orders, washing glasses...Suddenly I was doing it ALL!!! and quite well I might add :)

I was asked several times throughout the night if I had previous waitstaff/server/bartender experience. The only thing I use to do was work at Taco Hell for 6 months prior to joining the Navy...After that I did a brief stint working as a Food Service Attendant on the mess decks for three weeks before I put on E-4...

So really I had no "real" experience doing what I was doing. I was told I did my job tonight like a pro and that I was a natural. A couple times the bartenders just sat back and let me go. I know I wasn't in charge by any means but they said I sure took charge of the bar and kicked some serious ass :) Hell I was even offered a part time job working there several times as well LOL

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