Saturday, September 12, 2009


So about a week ago we arrived back here from Seattle after a 4 week vacation. While we were gone we had our next-door neighbors taking care of our cats for us. Pretty simple task, make sure they had food, water, scoop the box/change the litter, and pay them a little bit of attention.

We didn't get a chance to iron out the details as far as compensation and what not, but I had offered to maybe have them over for dinner once we got back in and got settled. We got back about a week ago, and I got the keys to the house and thanked my neighbors for their help.

While I was there I extended an invitation to have them over for dinner my next weekend off. They said we would talk about it later and with that I headed home. Last Thur. I walked over and re-extended the invitation but was told they might be busy Sat. so I offered up Sunday. She said they would get back to us.

Come today I hadn't heard from them so I caught up with them as they were coming in and for the 3rd time extended my invitation for dinner. My neighbor said he wanted to talk about that so after he helped his wife get stuff in the house he came back out.

He told me that while we were gone he noticed our house wasn't very clean and that it was very unkempt. He also said that they don't care how we live and had no problem helping us out with the cats and the yard, but wasn't comfortable with having him and his family come over to our house for dinner...Taken back by his comments I really didn't have anything else to say, so I just went back inside.

It was pretty simple, take care of the cats...Didn't realize our neighbors were going to come over and judge our house and us based on what their standards of clean are...So what if my house isn't spic and span, I DO clean it, and really clean it if we are expecting company...I am not going to deep clean it daily, and I certainly as hell am NOT going to clean it top to bottom RIGHT before I go on vacation.

Understand this...We have two cats, they do use the litter box, they do kick litter everywhere, they do have a tendency to barf wherever whenever. They also shed, animals DO THAT!!! so to sit there and judge us and our house, you can GFY!!! I will never EVER EVER EVER extend another invitation to your snobby asses...BTW FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.

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