Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pics from a day of Harbor Security

Sunrise Over White Beach Naval Station

Me shootin deuces

My Controls: GPS, Compass, Monitor,
Radar, RPM Guages, Trim Indicator, Wheel, Dual Throttles

My view from the Coxswain's Seat

S.O.G. Sealpup knife along with my new assault gloves
(B-day presents)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Half Empty? Half Full....Hmm 2/3's work

So today I was out on the boat all day doing escort and then harbor security for a vessel that pulled into port at work. It is getting towards the end of our shift and we get a call from our dispatch.

Dispatch: "108" (Our call sign) "White Beach" (Their call sign)
Me: Go
Dispatch: What is your fuel status?
Me: Standby

At this point my partner goes to check our fuel...Then asks me what is halfway between 3/4 and 1/2...We both decide that it is 2/3 and snicker because we know that when we call dispatch they won't figure this one out.

Me: "White Beach" "108"
Dispatch: Send it
Me: Be advised both tanks read 2/3's full

*Long Pause* *Wait* *Wait* *Wait*

My partner and I both sit there and laugh because we know dispatch is trying to figure this out...

Me: "White Beach" "108" Did you copy my last?
Dispatch: Is that above or below 3/4's

My Partner and I laugh even harder

Me (Straight Face): "White Beach" "108"
Dispatch: Send it.
Me: Be advised 2/3's is halfway between 3/4 and 1/2

*Background laughter* HSB (1) Dispatch (0)

Dispatch: "108" "White Beach"
Me: Go
Dispatch: Return to boat basin for refuel

Me (Off Radio): Damn it
Partner: I figured they were going to make us refuel

Dispatch (10 for the win) because they are in a nice Air Conditioned Office HSB (Pwn'd) because we spent the rest of our shift in the boat basin fueling our boat by hand using 5 gallon gas cans because the pump on the boat truck is broke...GAY!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Defense Department regrets to inform you....

Ok so today I was suppose to start my physical security class. I arrived at 0600 as instructed to find out that along with my other classmates we were going to be used as watch standers for a drill that they had planned for that morning...Um yeah the reasoning of using a bunch of people for a drill rather than the actual watch standers was beyond me. Ok hell why not roll with it.

After spending a whole three hours of doing nothing we get our gear and roll out to the gate. Once the real world vehicles were cleared we relieved the armed watches with us and our equipped toy guns and took up post...

It wasn't long before one of the MA1's came wandering in to the gate looking ever so obvious I mean a raincoat when it was sunny and blazing hot, (fully zipped) and green pants...Hmm red flag anyone? Mind you he gets 50ft within the perimeter fence before he is stopped and challenged....Thats not good...The only one thinking at this point is our overwatch and he shoulders his M-16 and takes aim at this "suspicious person"

During the verbal altercation that insued, I got an uneasy feeling and dropped my hand to my gun...Well our "suspicious person" decides he is going to leave, at this point out of nowhere comes another sentry weapon out, my partner yells for the person to halt and which point he starts reaching in the jacket. I draw down on the person as does the other sentry and my partner makes a move to secure the guy's arm...

The next thing we know there is a loud bang, cloud of orange smoke and now my partner and the suspect look like what can only be described as a couple human cheetos as they are covered in orange dust...

We are told the three of us plus the civilian guard that was nearby are all dead...Great killed by the cheeto bomber