Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never give up, never quit

So the time has come as it does every 6 months for every command in the Navy to run their semi-annual PRT's (Physical Readiness Tests) which consists of Sit and Reach, Sit-ups, Push-ups, and choice of 1.5mi run/walk, 12min on the bike, or 12min on the eliptical...The bike and the elliptical you have to burn a certain amount of calories which equates to a run time if you were to do the 1.5mi run.

Yesterday our section gets together after work and we commence to do our PRT...I was able to do 44 sit-ups (probationary but automatic Mando PT), 50 push-ups (Passed), and I ran my run in 14:40 seconds (FAILED!!!)...I didn't walk any portion of the run, but my run just wasn't good enough...

Now a lot is riding on this PRT other than just not getting put on Mandatory PT...As it stands there is a position open with NCIS for an E-5 however, seeing as how my PRT scores sucked I saw my chances of that job slip away...Fortunately we had a bad day clause for our PRT and were allowed to run it again as long as its by next Thursday...I decided that I would give it another shot this morning and was given the option to do the bike instead of run.

I showed up at 0630 at the gym and proceeded to start my PRT all over again...This time, I blew it away 50 sit-ups (Passed) 51 Push-ups (Passed), and burned 135 Calories on the bike in 12min which equated to a 12:45 run time (Passed) and the hopes of going NCIS are back on the table.

I am now beatdown, tired, and sore but my PRT is done with and I will be hitting the gym starting Monday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katsuren Castle Photo Shoot

Today we revisted Katsuren Castle with a friend of ours who was more than happy to throw on a wedding dress despite the sun and let us do some model pics for her. Thank you Megan :)

This one kind of reminded me of LOTR

And of course what shoot would be complete without pictures of the local flowers and creatures

I haz a flower


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Haze Gray and Underway

Due to personality conflicts with my Flight Chief and other problems, my 6 month stint with the Air Force was cut short at 2 months. I was sent back to my command where I fell back into place quite easily.

Today I got a chance to be the Asst. Coxswain/Gunner on HSB 107 and spend my 8 hour shift doing Harbor Security. Finally I WAS TRULY HOME!!!

(HSB 108, same as the boat I was on today)

(A View from where I was sitting in the cockpit)