Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shuri Castle

Shuri Palace (Recontructed)

Today Lori and I decided to go out exploring as we usually do on at least one of my days off. Today was a planned trip to Nagasuku Castle (seized and destroyed by Amawari of Katsuren Castle) or so we thought...Little did we know that we were going to end up at Shuri Castle instead which was home to the King of the Ryukyus in the 10th century. It is a huge touristy type place but also a place of significant Okinawan History....Unfortunately for Amawari of Katsuren the king brought an end to his reign after his failed attempt to take Shuri Castle...There was no next time for Amawari...But anyways LOL here are some pics from today

Entrance to the Castle Park

A very sacred tomb just inside the entrance to the park

Steps leading up into the main courtyard

Castle Walls of the lower level just inside the Castle Entrance

Entrance to some kind of garden or shrine (Main Courtyard)

More Castle Wall...Thought this was a neat perspective

The Garden behind the east wing of the palace

Another neat perspective shot

Throne Room

More Perspective

And of course stairs leading down to the bottom of the castle and the exit...It wasn't Nagasuku Castle as we had intended to go to but it turned out to be a fun and worthwhile trip.

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