Monday, March 2, 2009

Katsuren Castle

Today Lori and I finally got out and headed to Katsuren Castle which is a castle here on Okinawa that overlooks the Pacific Ocean...Here are some pics from our adventure...But first you must read the story of my quest for as it is told by Lori...See above post...Now on to the pictures

A brief history lesson on the castle...What it doesn't tell you is that Amawari succeeded the previous lord by throwing him over the side of the castle walls...Hmm Overthrow taken quite literally

The Castle as it once was...And now below how it stands

A picture of the Palace and where it once stood

The ruins of a once important palace

A history lesson of the lost palace

A layout of the the castle site illustrating where we are on the uppermost level

A still very sacred shrine

Wide angle shot of the upper most level as it stands today

Uppermost level history lesson

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