Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shuri Castle

Shuri Palace (Recontructed)

Today Lori and I decided to go out exploring as we usually do on at least one of my days off. Today was a planned trip to Nagasuku Castle (seized and destroyed by Amawari of Katsuren Castle) or so we thought...Little did we know that we were going to end up at Shuri Castle instead which was home to the King of the Ryukyus in the 10th century. It is a huge touristy type place but also a place of significant Okinawan History....Unfortunately for Amawari of Katsuren the king brought an end to his reign after his failed attempt to take Shuri Castle...There was no next time for Amawari...But anyways LOL here are some pics from today

Entrance to the Castle Park

A very sacred tomb just inside the entrance to the park

Steps leading up into the main courtyard

Castle Walls of the lower level just inside the Castle Entrance

Entrance to some kind of garden or shrine (Main Courtyard)

More Castle Wall...Thought this was a neat perspective

The Garden behind the east wing of the palace

Another neat perspective shot

Throne Room

More Perspective

And of course stairs leading down to the bottom of the castle and the exit...It wasn't Nagasuku Castle as we had intended to go to but it turned out to be a fun and worthwhile trip.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Katsuren Castle Part 2

More pics from Katsuren Castle

More pics to follow when blogger isn't uploading as slow.....

Update 3/8/09 (Finally Blogger is co-operating here are some new pics)

Old meets new...

Going down?

The quest for the holy grail....As told by Lori

Eddie ended up having quite the adventure today. We were checking out Katsuren Castle...

When suddenly, thunder roared and the sky opened up and...could it be?

Indeed it was.

Ceiling Cat appeared:

And Ceiling Cat did say unto Eddie, "Eddie! (For that's what Eddie goes by, is "Eddie") I command you to go forth on a quest, for it is my bidding as Ceiling Cat." And Eddie did say, "What is thy bidding, Ceiling Kitteh?"

And the image of Ceiling Cat did vanish, replaced by this, the object of Eddie's quest:


Which turned out to be conveniently located in Katsuren Castle, which totally rocked, because we were getting low on gas and didn't feel like driving anywhere anyway.

So Eddie, being the brave knight that he is, stormed the castle to fulfill his quest for Ceiling Cat...

But the walls were high, and he couldn't quite get over them without a boost...

"Um, a little help here?"
But help did not come, because I was too busy taking pictures and laughing.

Eddie struggled in vain to get over the walls, but it wasn't to be.

And then the French showed up and taunted him...

Enraged by their taunting (and their accents), Eddie devised a plan. He would build a large, wooden rabbit, which he would deploy much the way the Trojan Horse was deployed during the War of 1812 when the Eskimos beat the Steelers at the Alamo and walked away with the Stanley Cup.

And so he did toil, and he did build it, and I went to lunch because it was boring as hell to watch him build it. But when I returned, the Trojan Rabbit was ready, and Eddie deployed it...

And the keepers of the castle took the bait and took the bunny into the castle, at which point Eddie discovered the fatal flaw in his plan.

He was supposed to be IN the bunny.

It's probably just as well that he wasn't, though, because the keepers of the castle were short on storage space and did discard the bunny...

Eddie, being either wholly devoted to Ceiling Cat or just stubborn as all hell, refused to be discouraged. If the Trojan Bunny did not persuade them to hand over the Grail, then he would once again storm the castle himself and take it.

This time, he discovered the stairs, and no longer needed to try to climb the walls, and so he infiltrated the castle...
But...the Grail was still not to be his...because his uninvited entrance went over about as well as his Trojan Bunny...

Next time, Eddie. Next time.

Katsuren Castle

Today Lori and I finally got out and headed to Katsuren Castle which is a castle here on Okinawa that overlooks the Pacific Ocean...Here are some pics from our adventure...But first you must read the story of my quest for as it is told by Lori...See above post...Now on to the pictures

A brief history lesson on the castle...What it doesn't tell you is that Amawari succeeded the previous lord by throwing him over the side of the castle walls...Hmm Overthrow taken quite literally

The Castle as it once was...And now below how it stands

A picture of the Palace and where it once stood

The ruins of a once important palace

A history lesson of the lost palace

A layout of the the castle site illustrating where we are on the uppermost level

A still very sacred shrine

Wide angle shot of the upper most level as it stands today

Uppermost level history lesson