Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lost in the Muns....

So today I finally got my wish of going on patrol...It wasn't as a police unit on base as I had hoped but....I got to go be patrol over on the Ammo side of the base where they keep all the stuff that goes or could have the potential to go BOOM!!!

My day started with getting my cruiser...Oh yeah a real patrol car sweeeeet!!! Not so sweet LOL the FM radio didn't work so neither did my IPOD LOL. I just listened to the radio traffic on base while they ran a drill....

That in itself was comical:

1"exercise exercise we have a code... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise are you sure it isn't a code ...(a) exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise no I am sure it is a ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise what scenario are we running exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise we are running ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise then it should be code ...a exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise no it is code ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise read the top of your page exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise it is a code ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise it says ...a at the top of your page exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise we are running ... (frustration) brief me after exercise exercise"

So besides listening to the flight chief and the on scene commander snipe at each other via radio for the drill the held what else did Eddie do today....

Basically my job was to drive around and check buildings off of a list they gave me....I think there were close to 100 maybe give or take...This gave me a chance to get lost and find my way around and I managed to find ALL the buildings on my list...Now with that said it is Sunday here, so there is NOBODY around....I can go as fast as I want, stop sign....I didn't see any stop signs...must have been going fast zipping from building to bunker and so forth. The patrol cars we have don't have supped up police packages in them but damn they can HAUL ASS!!! LOL

Speaking of hauling ass I got called back to the station around lunch to calibrate my speedometer...Hmm worked just fine in the muns....wasn't going to tell them that I got to tear up and down the street in my patrol car with my lights going so they could make sure my speedometer was calibrated...If they ONLY knew LMAO

People keep saying the muns is haunted and creepy shit happens there...For me I was thinking I was fairly safe in daylight...NOT!!! There were certain buildings and areas my radio would do weird shit like cut out or I would hear a voice that was NOT Kadena station...then at one building I got out of my cruiser and my radio made a weird noise then I had this overwhelming urge to leave as if I was going to be mobbed...YIKES!!! So what did Eddie do? He got in his cruiser and HAULED ASS as fast as he could out of there...

LOL what a day

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