Thursday, February 12, 2009

A day out Snorkeling

Today was the first day actually spent out in the waters of Okinawa...I had a friend of mine visiting from Yoron Island so we decided to hit the local reefs and see what we could find.

We met up at Kadena Marina which has a beach and a swim at own risk area so we decided to get out there and see if we could swim the lagoon and get to the reef edge...Turns out that I am not as strong of a swimmer as I use to be and AS soon as the water got deep I panicked and swam my ass back to the shallows. My friend is seasoned at snorkeling and spear fishing and what not so he was understanding that I was a NOOB...Funny the water use to be like a 2nd home to me. After seeing very few fish and getting annoyed with how clear the water was not we decided to pack it up and leave...I had a listing of the top dive/snorkel spots for the island so we decided to pick one off the list and give it a go...

We decided to go to Sunabe Seawall it was rated a 1 on the scale as far as difficulty and was boasted to be one of the best dive spots on the island...After getting in the water and getting our gear on, we swam out over the reef and it was soooo amazing what we saw, there were crabs, Angelfish, Starfish, Clams, and various shellfish, and colorful corals...Hell even saw something that looked like a sea snake but was an eel. Hell we even swam through harmless little Jellyfish which now I almost feel sorry for because I probably murdered quite a few swiping them out of my way LOL

The more I swam around the more comfortable I got, and eventually just kind of layed in the water and floated along with the current and watched the fish eat and if you laid still in one place they would actually come closer and check you out.

So on a coolness scale Sunabe Seawall A+ and will revisit again...Too bad I only got pictures from above the water LOL

It doesn't look like much but there is a whole different world out there under the water

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