Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Day working with the AF

Day One: The Pit
(Vehicle inspections from 6am to 6pm)

1. Got to stand post with a couple squared away airman who bought me lunch and were a blast to stand watch with, we passed 12 hours just bantering and getting to know each other...That and inspecting the non-stop flow of vehicles.

2. First thing in the morning, found 3 vehicles with empty beer cans...f*cking drunks LOL

3. Had some airman at the gate flip me attitude when I confronted him about not standing out at the gate and checking ID's...Quick phone call to the desk had him standing outside checking ID's at parade rest the rest of shift, which was still 7-8 hours left...Never piss me off first thing in the morning...LOL, and he had to do training this morning about respect and airman responsibilities.

4. HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: two trucks rolled up and one driver was looking around all weird...Well he gets out of the truck and starts yelling at the driver of the other truck next to him...The other driver is just staring at him smiling...we get them separated so that we can do our job, and the driver that was getting yelled at walked over, said something and then slapped the guy right square on the ASS...we were speechless and then trying to contain our laughter so as to not escalade the situation...It was hysterical

The downsides to my job:

Up every morning at 3am
Get ready for work at 3:30am
Leave around 4am
Report in by 4:45am
Guardmount at 5:15am
Post up at 6am
Spend most of day on my feet (literally)
Relieved around 6pm
Get back and de-armed by 6:30pm
Home at 7pm
In bed by 9pm but 10pm at the very latest
Essentially having only really 2-3 hours/day during the 4 day work week to divide up between; Lori, college, and relaxing

Lather, rinse, repeat for the next 6 months...Hooah?

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