Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Boys Bad Boys....

Well a couple days ago I managed to apprehend my first suspect...Basically it was suppose to be a normal day at the gate checking IDs for the next 12 hours and what not...

At around 0638 we got a BOLO (Be On the LookOut) from Marine Corps Airstation Futenma for a service member who was involved in a hit and run accident...Our orders: Stop and take into custody...Sure out of all the bases with all the gates on the island, what are the odds he would show up at our gate...Pretty slim to none considering we had a BOLO the day prior and the guy was picked up at a base a little further up the road from us.

Well it is getting to be around lunch time and we have the information on our suspect in the backs of our minds and we are carrying about our day checking IDs and what not. As I am coming out of the guard house my partner appears with an ID card for me to look at...It belongs to our suspect...HOLY SHIT now things get REAL.

Now we had gone over scenarios for this earlier in the morning just in case he came through the gate...He is here now what? Can't block him in with traffic, time to calmly pull him to the side then quickly and decisively take control and get our suspect into custody.

I very calmly ask our suspect to pull over just behind the guard house...After that I basically went into auto pilot and my partner and I took up tactical positions on the vehicle...I very calmly ask him to turn off the car, step out and face away from the sound of my voice...I quickly get a "what?" from the suspect (he is off guard) my tone becomes louder and suddenly everything I learned now kicks in:


I have my partner cover me while I move in to cuff him, and like that the situation is over our suspect is in custody and we call our patrol to come get him. My partner and I excited over a job well done and even more so when we get a phone call from our flight chief congratulating us both for our actions.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A day out Snorkeling

Today was the first day actually spent out in the waters of Okinawa...I had a friend of mine visiting from Yoron Island so we decided to hit the local reefs and see what we could find.

We met up at Kadena Marina which has a beach and a swim at own risk area so we decided to get out there and see if we could swim the lagoon and get to the reef edge...Turns out that I am not as strong of a swimmer as I use to be and AS soon as the water got deep I panicked and swam my ass back to the shallows. My friend is seasoned at snorkeling and spear fishing and what not so he was understanding that I was a NOOB...Funny the water use to be like a 2nd home to me. After seeing very few fish and getting annoyed with how clear the water was not we decided to pack it up and leave...I had a listing of the top dive/snorkel spots for the island so we decided to pick one off the list and give it a go...

We decided to go to Sunabe Seawall it was rated a 1 on the scale as far as difficulty and was boasted to be one of the best dive spots on the island...After getting in the water and getting our gear on, we swam out over the reef and it was soooo amazing what we saw, there were crabs, Angelfish, Starfish, Clams, and various shellfish, and colorful corals...Hell even saw something that looked like a sea snake but was an eel. Hell we even swam through harmless little Jellyfish which now I almost feel sorry for because I probably murdered quite a few swiping them out of my way LOL

The more I swam around the more comfortable I got, and eventually just kind of layed in the water and floated along with the current and watched the fish eat and if you laid still in one place they would actually come closer and check you out.

So on a coolness scale Sunabe Seawall A+ and will revisit again...Too bad I only got pictures from above the water LOL

It doesn't look like much but there is a whole different world out there under the water

Feel like an idiot

Ok so as it stands out of the last two work cycles with the AF I have seen a decent rotation in my schedule and was pretty ok with standing gates and what not until I found out something very interesting today and now something else that was happening at the gates makes perfect sense.

Today I stopped by Camp Shields and got into a conversation with one of my fellow MA's about working with the AF and what not since he just left there...Apparently we SHOULD NOT be standing gates especially as E-5's...It turns out that the AF puts their E-5's on the gate as a punishment only but for the most part they do patrol and other duties, gates are suppose to be junior personnel only...So if I am not in trouble why are they putting us Navy E-5's on the gate...Will be something I have to bring up to the flight chief...

I knew something was up when I was getting strange looks from people when they came through the gate, it is pretty well known that E-5's only stand gate if they have gotten in trouble so I am sure now there are A LOT of people who think I am a total dirt bag that was in trouble and that's why I was on the gate...talk about embarrassment, like I said that would explain some of the strange looks, especially from the Navy guys that came through the gate...

God I feel like an idiot now...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Night Photography

Ok so tonight I decided to put down the computer and lay off playing mobsters on myspace for a bit...After I did that I had NO idea what to do to kill time...I just happen to step outside and see a beautiful moonrise off in the distance....So what do I do I get my camera and start taking pics, then decide to get out of the city and go down to the seawall and take more pics...So here are my 5 best pics :)

The Moon :)

A picnic table at White Beach...

The Street outside our house

I just liked the clarity of this picture

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lost in the Muns....

So today I finally got my wish of going on patrol...It wasn't as a police unit on base as I had hoped but....I got to go be patrol over on the Ammo side of the base where they keep all the stuff that goes or could have the potential to go BOOM!!!

My day started with getting my cruiser...Oh yeah a real patrol car sweeeeet!!! Not so sweet LOL the FM radio didn't work so neither did my IPOD LOL. I just listened to the radio traffic on base while they ran a drill....

That in itself was comical:

1"exercise exercise we have a code... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise are you sure it isn't a code ...(a) exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise no I am sure it is a ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise what scenario are we running exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise we are running ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise then it should be code ...a exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise no it is code ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise read the top of your page exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise it is a code ... exercise exercise"
2"exercise exercise it says ...a at the top of your page exercise exercise"
1"exercise exercise we are running ... (frustration) brief me after exercise exercise"

So besides listening to the flight chief and the on scene commander snipe at each other via radio for the drill the held what else did Eddie do today....

Basically my job was to drive around and check buildings off of a list they gave me....I think there were close to 100 maybe give or take...This gave me a chance to get lost and find my way around and I managed to find ALL the buildings on my list...Now with that said it is Sunday here, so there is NOBODY around....I can go as fast as I want, stop sign....I didn't see any stop signs...must have been going fast zipping from building to bunker and so forth. The patrol cars we have don't have supped up police packages in them but damn they can HAUL ASS!!! LOL

Speaking of hauling ass I got called back to the station around lunch to calibrate my speedometer...Hmm worked just fine in the muns....wasn't going to tell them that LMAO...so I got to tear up and down the street in my patrol car with my lights going so they could make sure my speedometer was calibrated...If they ONLY knew LMAO

People keep saying the muns is haunted and creepy shit happens there...For me I was thinking I was fairly safe in daylight...NOT!!! There were certain buildings and areas my radio would do weird shit like cut out or I would hear a voice that was NOT Kadena station...then at one building I got out of my cruiser and my radio made a weird noise then I had this overwhelming urge to leave as if I was going to be mobbed...YIKES!!! So what did Eddie do? He got in his cruiser and HAULED ASS as fast as he could out of there...

LOL what a day

Monday, February 2, 2009

1st Day working with the AF

Day One: The Pit
(Vehicle inspections from 6am to 6pm)

1. Got to stand post with a couple squared away airman who bought me lunch and were a blast to stand watch with, we passed 12 hours just bantering and getting to know each other...That and inspecting the non-stop flow of vehicles.

2. First thing in the morning, found 3 vehicles with empty beer cans...f*cking drunks LOL

3. Had some airman at the gate flip me attitude when I confronted him about not standing out at the gate and checking ID's...Quick phone call to the desk had him standing outside checking ID's at parade rest the rest of shift, which was still 7-8 hours left...Never piss me off first thing in the morning...LOL, and he had to do training this morning about respect and airman responsibilities.

4. HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: two trucks rolled up and one driver was looking around all weird...Well he gets out of the truck and starts yelling at the driver of the other truck next to him...The other driver is just staring at him smiling...we get them separated so that we can do our job, and the driver that was getting yelled at walked over, said something and then slapped the guy right square on the ASS...we were speechless and then trying to contain our laughter so as to not escalade the situation...It was hysterical

The downsides to my job:

Up every morning at 3am
Get ready for work at 3:30am
Leave around 4am
Report in by 4:45am
Guardmount at 5:15am
Post up at 6am
Spend most of day on my feet (literally)
Relieved around 6pm
Get back and de-armed by 6:30pm
Home at 7pm
In bed by 9pm but 10pm at the very latest
Essentially having only really 2-3 hours/day during the 4 day work week to divide up between; Lori, college, and relaxing

Lather, rinse, repeat for the next 6 months...Hooah?