Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beaches of Okinawa

Last weekend Lori and I took off around the island, no real particular place in general, just different beaches for her to get sand to take home. Here are the pics.

Taken at Henza Lagoon at low tide...It is part
of the seawall, but looks like an ancient road

A cute little hermit crab made an apperance

I tried to catch this guy, but he was too fast
and decided to try and fight back...LOL

Sea Anenome Yes the water is that clear

Too cute to pass up, Petting zoo at Cape Zampa

Waves crashing over the rocks at Cape Zampa

To give you an idea of the wave height, we are
about 30ft up on a ryukyu limestone cliff

Blue Waters, LOVE IT!!!

Light House Cape Zampa

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