Monday, January 5, 2009

Another day of adventures Pt. 1 (Kunigami Forest Park)

Yesterday Lori and I went out venturing again...This time we had a sense of where we wanted to go so we headed out originally to see Hishi Falls...Well on our way there, the road started going up a mountain and suddenly the signs were no longer in English so we had NO idea where we were much less how to get back down, but amidst our bumbling we stumbled upon Kunigami Forest Park.

There is a road in there somewhere

Shishi Dog on Guard

Dunno what it says but I guess we ain't in Kansas anymore Toto

Making a descent down some stairs...I hated the climb back up....

More trail to follow

Now which way???

Could be interesting....

A Banyan Tree over water...Very Cool

At this point now my artistic side starts showing so...

Close up of a pretty flower :)

And of course another...I couldn't pass up

Last but not least a pic of one of the local creatures


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