Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Alone for two weeks

So Lori is back in Seattle to pick up our kittehs and visit with her family. Today is my first real day home alone...

Burnt myself on my George Foreman grill when attempting to make dinner, settled for cold pizza left over from lunch, chips, string cheese, Tangerine, and a Redbull, is not going so good...The funny thing was I just came home from the comissary earlier with enough food to last most if not all of two weeks LOL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beaches of Okinawa

Last weekend Lori and I took off around the island, no real particular place in general, just different beaches for her to get sand to take home. Here are the pics.

Taken at Henza Lagoon at low tide...It is part
of the seawall, but looks like an ancient road

A cute little hermit crab made an apperance

I tried to catch this guy, but he was too fast
and decided to try and fight back...LOL

Sea Anenome Yes the water is that clear

Too cute to pass up, Petting zoo at Cape Zampa

Waves crashing over the rocks at Cape Zampa

To give you an idea of the wave height, we are
about 30ft up on a ryukyu limestone cliff

Blue Waters, LOVE IT!!!

Light House Cape Zampa

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blue Skies and Blue Waters

Since we had a nice day today, Lori and I did the usual head out and adventure and found a couple beaches tucked away and worth exploring, so here are some pics from today.

First off we have Kid Koopa Castle...

Then we went to a beach tucked away off the hwy....

A view of the water looking out from a cove...

Met a little Birdie, he was FAST !!!!

And found some rather squishy little critter, unsure what it was....

On our way we decided to stop at a Road Park, and snap some pics....

Put that in perspective LMAO....

Reminder the water is THAT blue

Then we found ourselves at Emerald Beach and you will see why it is called that...


An Artistic Flower Shot

Then there was my battle with the Gigantic Cone Snail....
Caught on camera by Lori...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oto Coastline

Random Pics 1/11/09

Here are some pics from yesterday's adventures

A hermit crab saying WASSSUP

A Cone Snail...Looks neat but very Poisonous if stung (Correction that is NOT a poisonous cone snail, just an unassuming local snail

Haz new booties to protect feet from said snails

A very pretty blue flower

A pretty purple flower

A dog doing an impression of a Shisha Dog Rawrrr!!!

Even cloudy days are nice

The obligatory Palm Tree

Blogger is being a PITA tonight so I will post more pics in the morning

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another day of adventures Pt. 2 (Cape Hedo)

After finding our way off the mountain, we decided to go to Cape Hedo which is the northern most point of Okinawa where the East China Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. Here are the pics from that one.

A View of each side of the cliffs over the Pacific side

A view looking down...even on a bad day the water is THAT CLEAR!

And the water THAT BLUE!!!

Pictures of the landscape, gotta love old lava flows

A little snackbar where I ate Yakitori and Lori got hooked on SOBA Noodles

Another day of adventures Pt. 1 (Kunigami Forest Park)

Yesterday Lori and I went out venturing again...This time we had a sense of where we wanted to go so we headed out originally to see Hishi Falls...Well on our way there, the road started going up a mountain and suddenly the signs were no longer in English so we had NO idea where we were much less how to get back down, but amidst our bumbling we stumbled upon Kunigami Forest Park.

There is a road in there somewhere

Shishi Dog on Guard

Dunno what it says but I guess we ain't in Kansas anymore Toto

Making a descent down some stairs...I hated the climb back up....

More trail to follow

Now which way???

Could be interesting....

A Banyan Tree over water...Very Cool

At this point now my artistic side starts showing so...

Close up of a pretty flower :)

And of course another...I couldn't pass up

Last but not least a pic of one of the local creatures