Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tonka Trucks....

Since I got here I have been hesitant about driving any of our emergency vehicles given the fact that we don't have standard police cruisers but rather Mazda Titans that look like old Tonka Truck toys. They are big, bulky, and noisy and diesels. So when doing patrol, I would either:

A. Pull the "I am not EVOC qualified and cannot drive.
B. I would check out a pickup truck w/no light bar.

Today circumstances dictated that I HAD to drive one to deliver a weapon to our watchstanders to take to a pier because we had a ship coming in at the last minute. I grabbed the key and off I went.

Started the truck, put it in drive and found it rather odd that this truck actually drove like a standard car...Not to mention it had ALL the cool gadgets and widgets you find in a civilian Police Cruiser, so yeah it was fully loaded :) and a lot of fun to drive. The only thing that sucked was when I checked it out, I was in a hurry and didn't check the gas, so I had to make a stop on another base to get gas and then drive it all the way back to the precinct, and drop it and the gun off before I could go home, so I got home later than I had planned, but what can you do?

Me with my Tonka Truck

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