Sunday, December 21, 2008

Out and About....

After grocery shopping today, we decided that we would again hop in the car with our cameras and take off on an adventure around the island...This time around we decided just to drive on the side roads and of course doing so we got lost...THAT WAS THE POINT. So here are some pics from today's adventures

First off who would have thunk we
would see a Parrot just loungin outside a hotel?

Moon Beach....SO AWESOME!!!! This Island
Has nice beaches EVERYWHERE!!!

Now I dunno Japanese, but I thinks I can
figure this one out...UNLIKE SOMEONE!!!

A view from a hilltop overlooking one of the many
cities spread out throughout Okinawa...

I know Okinawa USE to be a Volcanic Island EONS
ago, but who would have thunk I would get to see an
old Lava Flow like this up close.

Then of course Lori taking something I said
the wrong way and the look on her face LMAO

Lori the RTARD

And a pic of the local wildlife...Crab People...