Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gate Sentry Qualified

Well yesterday I didn't get a chance to write before bed due to my immersion in playing my PS3 so I figure I would write this morning after a nice morning of gun powder, cordite, and Red Bull...In case you are wondering what the hell that means, I got up this morning and went to the range at the base and since they finally got a corpsman for medical standby, I was able to shoot :) Nothing like that smell first thing in the morning...

So yesterday I go into work, and finally take my Gate Sentry Qualification Board. The board consisted of my now THREE watch commanders and my new FTO. I basically sat there while they did a round robin of questions from the PQS book...I did fairly well and only missed 4 questions, so they qualified me, and it wasn't nearly as hard as I had anticipated.

I was assigned to go stand gate sentry with another guy from my shift, but he had his armorer board so I was sent to one of the posts alone for the first time since I got here in October...

Pretty much nothing to it...Take one of our EV's and drive to the post and sit there for 4 hours until the next watch comes, RTB and turn in the EV and go home.

This particular post had I known I was going ahead of time, I would have taken my laptop and watched a movie to keep myself entertained, but I get there and all I have is my Reader's Digest, the SOP binder, and some papers to file in my binder...I managed to keep myself busy till the next watch came so it wasn't so bad, just boring LOL.

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