Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bored....Time for a change of job pace

So today at work I was assigned to Tengen Pier with another one of my fellow patrolman. Tengen Pier is only manned when a ship is in port and basically we sit out there staring at the water in a Humvee mounted with an M-60 Medium Machine Gun.\

I spend five of my eight hours in the back of the humvee reading the book "Dreamland" which is a fictious book about Black Projects and Area 51. Then the last two hours were spent sitting in the guard shack at the front of the pier to check ID's of personnel going to the ship...Whooo hoo. Our relief finally came and then we took off back to the station.

I get back and am hit up by one of my watch commanders about going to "flightline" Funny my partner and I had been discussing that earlier in the day...Basically I am sent temporary assigned to the Air Force 18th Security Forces and I work Law Enforcement with them...HOLY SHIT SIGN ME UP :) hell I will go for a year not just 6 months :)

I am finally going to get my wish at doing actual law enforcement...Not that I don't mind the easy job I have now, I am bored and restless (yeah I know "ALREADY???") and doing law enforcement is what I signed up for so now I will get my chance....Just a matter of when.