Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 Years....Happy Anniversary

So it has been 6 years now since Lori and I were married...Where does the time go? After reading her blog she pretty much summed it up in her blog...Traveling together, Military separations, following our dreams, doing fun stuff together.

Here it is 6 years later (Sorta) and tomorrow we will be leaving to a private cabin at the Okuma Resort on the Northwest end of the island to celebrate our six years of adventures. Pretty nice to end up on a tropical island between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean where every day is like summer. We have a private cabin, on a private beach, and to add on top of that, a private golf cart...which will give Lori a chance to finally drive. There is also recreational watercraft, fine dining, and most importantly, due to my days off falling on Sunday and Monday and the fact that our cabin is isolated, we are not as likely to run into obnoxious little brats while we soak up the sun and try to enjoy ourselves.

Tomorrow is definitely going to rock.

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Jo said...

Happy Anniversary Eddie!