Sunday, November 2, 2008

Venturing Out for the 1st time

Ok so today was my first day off on the island...Wouldn't ya know it, I was BORED off my ass...Kinda sucks not having a car, but on the flip side I did get to test drive my soon to be car earlier this morning, didn't really take much getting use to driving on the left side of the road and I actually did pretty good (didn't kill anyone) Anyways after that, I decided to go on a little adventure and take a cab to Camp Foster (Marine Base) and pick up a couple things from the PX...

I called the Taxi service and cab came here and picked me up to take me to the base...As my luck would have it, my driver was new and trying very hard to learn English, it made for a fun conversation and ride to the PX because I am trying to learn Japanese as well...Both of us were doing terrible at the other's language but we also both got a good laugh out of it.

While heading to the base and talking with my driver, I got to take in the island. Everything from sugar canes to kids walking to the insane traffic, I think I am going to like it here...Though I could have done w/o paying the 36.00 cab fare (OUCH) but it was kind of worth it considering I got to where I needed to go and got to kind of experience a little bit of culture.

I got to the PX and paid my driver and said sayonara (no I am not kidding) then I headed into the PX...Talk about a crowd, I think I might have been safer in the cab LOL...I got what I needed and then left. Found the Scuba shop (glub glub glub....Glub glub glub LOL) found out that scuba certification is really cheap...Only about 252.00 and seven days of my time and I can get open water certified :) Will have to set some money aside for that :)

After enjoying an icecream cone at Baskin Robbins it was time for me to head back...This time the cabbie wasn't much for coversation and it cost me 39.00 to get back to base...Eh guess you can't win them all.

I get back to my room with my new little gadgets and low and behold the power of BLUETOOTH...I got my headset sync'd with my computer and by paying 10.00 on yahoo got 1000min of VoIP via yahoo IM...for those of you that don't know what that is, basically I can use my internet to make phone calls...The only drawback is if connection goes down bye bye phone call....But it is MUCH cheaper than vonage and no little gadgets required.

I also bought a TV adapter for my computer and am still tinkering with it to get it to far I have one english channel...

So far I have: Cell Phone, Internet, TV (sorta), Way to call home (now), Car (SOON) and housing (SOON), Can't wait till Lori and the Kittehs get here then we can get settled and go on more adventures...YAY!!!

PS: Did I mention the spider that was bigger than my hand that I saw or the Gecko that damn near fell on my head LOL...So it begins LOL

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