Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts on Sushi

Ok, so I have been here for just over two weeks, and since I have gotten here I have had the opportunity to try various sushi dishes made fresh and served at the comissary on Kadena AFB. Now I must say, before I got here, I was hesitant about eating sushi because well some of it is actually Sashimi (Raw Fish) so I decided that I would start off kind of small and go from there. The first sushi I tried here was a cream cheese and some kind of sea creature or imatation thereof, and it was actually pretty good. I decided to get a little bolder and try sashimi, well unfortunately the first time around I bought it and ate part of it but didn't finish the rest so I ended up tossing it in the trash. Today I got to the comissary and decided to buy a couple different dishes, one was Summer rolls (wasn't all that great) and the other was sashimi...Now I didn't read exactly what was in it (would spoil the surprise) but I must say it was unlike anything I had ever tasted before, so I scarfed it down pretty quick and LOVED it.

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Lori, Navy Wife Extraordinaire said...

I will try almost anything once, including sashimi. Fortunately, I tried sashimi years ago, so I'm off the hook FOREVER. BLECH.