Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I haz car will travel

Ok, yesterday the plans to get the car I wanted went to hell so I had to come up with one that was a little more reasonable and within my price range...Today I picked up said car that I mentioned in my previous blog entry...Now I was a little dismayed to find out that this car cosmetically is UGLY as sin, but runs actually quite well and the A/C is FUCKING COLD (Definitely a good selling point)

I met up with the owner and was a little unsure where the bank was (needed the cabbage to pay for the car) so I had the guy drive us over to the bank...This would give me a feel for the car and a chance to feel and listen to it w/o getting distracted.

Turns out by the time we got there, the bank was closed...WTF FAIL!!! Ok so much for getting the total amount of cash needed out at once...So we head over to the ATM...It turns out that I am limited to a set amount that I can withdraw each day (DAMN IT!!!) so we finally settle on the max amount of cash and the rest as a check...Good to go payment taken care of...

We head over to USO to get the paperwork done and it turns out I need a copy of my orders, and also a Japanese letter of attorney (Don't ask) neither of which we had...FUCK!!!

Back to HQ for us...Well this time luck turns and fortunately the Legal Chief is there so we got that paper, and one of the guys that works in PSD was there so I was able to get a copy of my orders...Back to USO

Ok we get there and this time everything is in order...well on top of what I paid for the car, I had to shell out money for insurance and title transfer, now it has the option to be paid every 3, 6, or 12 months...I say to hell with it and buy a years worth of insurance...With that another fair amount of money is tacked on to what I have already paid out...But now I have a car and a new friend (the guy I bought the car from) We head over and drop him off at his home and bid farewell...

Now I am behind the wheel for the first time and have to find my way back to White Beach (where my barracks are) fortunately I have another shipmate with me and he reads off my right and left turns as we make our way back...We actually made it back w/o getting lost. Of course the whole trip back, I am scared shitless, it is rainy, the roads are slick, and it is getting dark, not to mention first time out actually driving more than a block from the base.

We made it back and I come to discover that making a turn into a parking spot is going to require some practice but hey its a start.

Speaking of driving, tomorrow and Wed, I get to learn how to drive and maneuver boats for my Harbor Security Class, hopefully it is nice out on the water tomorrow WHOO HOO :-)

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