Monday, November 3, 2008

First Week on the Island completed

Well, here I am exactly a week later from the day I arrived on Okinawa. My check-in is complete with the exception of meeting the CMC, CSO, and CO tomorrow...Should be fun...They are the last three that I have to check in with.

On another twist of events it turns out I won't be able to get the SUV that I wanted so badly to drive around in for the next three years due to lack of fundage and the falling through of Plan A, B, and C...Talk about bad luck and timing...But I will be getting a car tomorrow so I won't have to wait till next weekend which would have been the case for the SUV...Now I can FINALLY get around the island YAY!!! Oh and the car gets better mileage LOL I promise pics will come once I get the cable to my camera (For those of you who have been asking)

So lets see what did I do today...Slept in late :) Kinda lounged around my room and then discovered in fact the pool across the street is in fact open, so I went and took a swim, I thinks thats where I will be spending A LOT of my time now until I get into base housing and Lori gets here, then we both will probably spend A LOT of time down here.

I am finding that despite being isolated from the rest of the world, White Beach seems to be a really nice and quiet place with very very few people, hell there was only one other person at the pool besides me. There is also a restaurant here called Naps and it is on a cliff overlooking the water below another cliff that has an even better view of the water and beach and also has cabins you can rent out...will have to look into that.

Well that is about it for updates, in other news I have completely tron'd out my computer so now it can surf the web, watch TV, watch DVD's make phone calls, and play games :) sweeeeeeet.

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