Friday, November 7, 2008

First Adventure

Ok after today's boring ass boat drills, I finally got out and drove, no particular intention or direction, just get in my car and go...The first place I ended up was at the end of a dirt road where there was a trail and on my right was a coral beach and on my left was some creepy cave...

I chose to take the path to the beach. Finding it fairly secluded I broke out my camera and started taking pics of hermit crabs and shells and the city across the water where I had driven from...Out of nowhere this local appears and with a little bit of trying to understand each other he told me about a beach around the corner I could wade out to...Lets see I have my snorkel gear, and my camera gear...Ah hell with it, I started to walk and got around the corner finding that the coral is too slippery and I wasn't going to risk my camera or gear so I went back to the beach.

I decide I have had enough of the beach and then head up to the cave...There is another guy (different person) looking at the same thing. We kinda break the language barrier and neither of us can figure out what the cave is, other than there is a shrine in front of it...Old Burial tomb...perhaps...Well we look down into the mouth of the cave and he gestures me to go in...I shake my head and motion him first...We decide we are going to go together (Strength in numbers) we start to go in but realize neither has a light and it is PITCH BLACK (cue creepy horror music) and it got VERY COLD ok both of us are starting to get creeped out, so we decide it is best to go no further. We chat for a bit (best we could) and then part ways.

The next hour I find myself just driving down the hwy over a couple bridges making stops along the way taking pictures :) At one point I come to the end of a road where I have to execute a 50pt turn to turn around...HOLY SHIT!!! I go the other way and come to a beach where I took pictures of a bunch of crabs LOL

My last stop brought me back to base where I went to the beach and took pictures of the sunset...Finally got those pictures, it has been a hectic week and it was nice to get out today :)

Of course my adventure had started during the boat drills where I got to ride in the humvee and man the M60 Machine Gun :-P (See new pics) That was cooooool

Now I am in my room with a REALLY nasty sunburn and headache LOL but it was WORTH IT :)

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