Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I arrived here a couple days ago after a long and exhausting Trans-Pacific flight from Seattle...There wasn't a lot to see my first night here, because it was already dark by the time I got in, and of course not to mention late, so I crashed at the barracks and that was it for the night.

Yesterday and today have been filled with nothing but checking in with my new command, everyone here seems pretty cool and laid back. I have been taking in the sights riding back and forth from Kadena AFB. Our actual station is White Beach and our admin is at Kadena.

Once I am done with check in, I will be assigned to Section 2 which currently works days, which is from 5am-1pm, but I have to be there at 4am for Guard Mount. (YUCK) Not too worried, because I won't be in my section for at least 2 weeks after this week (love the check in process) We also only have 3 posts to stand as well, here, Camp Shields (Gate), and then Harbor Boat when ships are in. Also I am happy to find out that I can use my own gear that I bought when I was on my last ship, and anything else I buy later :) I hate issued gear, can never depend on it LOL

I will be getting a car soon, so then I can actually go out and take pictures of the countryside, which so far I have found A LOT of nice places to take pictures. The only restrictions on photography are here at White Beach and also on any of the other bases. I have my joint license test on Thur :) too

That is about it for now.